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Effective June 30, 2005, this site will no longer be updated.

Click here to be directed to the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board's website and for meeting information.

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The Metropolitan Radio Board Will Sunset on June 30, 2005. Click here for information, including new contacts.

Nextel Accepts FCC Order; Spectrum Reconfiguration to Begin Immediately

Langfeld Joins Radio Board

McDaniel Joins Radio Board

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Frequently Asked Questions for EMS Providers

Big Apples and Oranges

There are big differences between the Minnesota radio system and the system used in New York on September 11.

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The next meeting of the Metro Radio Board will be

Minutes (unofficial) from the final Metorpolitan Radio Board meeting on June 3, 2005.

The next meeting of the Technical Operations Committee will be June 22, 2005.



Click Here to see the PowerPoint presentation on interoperability given at APCO in Montreal by Bill Dean and Frank Karnauskas

Who Are We?

We are a 21-member board, authorized by the Minnesota Legislature to plan, construct, set policy for and oversee operation of a region-wide 800 MHz digital trunked public safety radio system that meets the public safety needs of government and emergency medical services agencies operating in the area.


Why is a regional system needed

Cities, counties, and regional and state agencies have experienced rapid growth in radio communications. This has been coupled with growing problems of interference as well as increased difficulty communicating adjoining jurisdictions because of incompatible equipment. Lack of available channels and the high cost of new equipment led to a decision to share frequencies and infrastructure and build a modern trunked region-wide radio system.